Welcome to A Plus Mortgage of Chambersburg, PA. We are here to help you find your dream house. We will listen to what you tell us, and help you throughout the entire process. We will also help guide you through all of the financial information we need and that you sign so you will be aware of what you will pay when all is said and done.

Our Goals at A Plus Mortgage

The ultimate goal for all of us here at A Plus Mortgage is helping you get into your dream house.
Give our loan calculator a try today, so you have a better idea of what your mortgage will cost. As of February of 2019, these are our current conventional rates for a mortgage:

  • ┬áThe fixed rate of 3.75% applies to a 10-year fixed and carries an APR of 4.007%.
  • The fixed rate of 3.75% applies to a 15-year fixed and carries an APR of 3.948%.
  • The fixed rate of 4.25% applies to a 20-year fixed and carries an APR of 4.408%.
  • ┬áThe fixed rate of 4.375% applies to a 25-year fixed and carries an APR of 4.479%.
  • The fixed rate of 4.375% applies to a 30-year fixed and carries an APR of 4.494%.
    We will make sure you are aware of what your monthly payment will be when you get into your new home.

A Plus Mortgage of Chambersburg, PA is proud to be both locally owned and locally operated. We strive to provide financing for mortgages along with hometown service to every resident looking for a new home. We can also help finance a new condo if that is your preference. Check out our blog for the newest purchase rules regarding condos. Do you qualify for FHA financing? If so, we can cover your appraisal costs, giving you a $575 value!

Mortgage Brokers Chambersburg, PA

We can help with several loan types, including FHA, conventional, VA, plus USDA rural housing.

Here at A Plus Mortgage, we take our jobs very seriously. We love every part of our job, and will always work hard to get you the loan products to help you buy your dream home. We understand how important the stability of your very own home means, and we will help in every way we can, make that a reality for you.

When you come to A Plus Mortgage, you get dedicated Chambersburg mortgage brokers who want to help you find and finance your new home. Chambersburg is an ideal location to look for a new home. It is affordable, plus it is also a safe place to live and raise a family. The school systems are great, and you have many homes on the market to choose from.

Chambersburg, PA is the current county seat of Franklin County. The community is diverse and growing, but the area still feels like a small town.

You will find very committed mortgage brokers of Chambersburg, PA when you come into A Plus Mortgage Solutions, Inc. We will provide you with only the highest quality services around. Fill out our online application, or call us at 717-796-0665 today!

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