An enterprise involved in multiple activities. This is how one would describe Akoya Inc. The primary line of work here is commercial pipe bursting, taking up projects for kitchen remodeling and also in pipe cleaning and reinstating.
The other arenas of activities which are taken up by AkoyaInc include stack inspection and drain cleaning. The former, incidentally, is a means to be sure that your unit operations do not come to a halt if there is a systematic problem which occurs. If one gets one’s stack inspected on a regular basis, one is sure to be able to pinpoint problematic issues and get them sorted out before they rear their heads during work.
When it comes to drain cleaning, if home owners wish for no plumbing malfunction to catch them unawares, it is essential to get it done regularly. For one, it will make them drain blockage happy as this is one condition which will never happen. Not only are the kitchen and bathrooms always in functional order, but even foul odors will never get emitted from the house or its surrounding areas. Thus, expenses for such work are avoided at the very onset by getting preventive action taken beforehand itself.