Controlled Vacuum packaging food items is a reliable and a famous way of increasing the shelf life of packaged food items without letting their quality be affected in any negative manner. it is known to be a very good method of preserving food items for a longer period of time. Food is placed in airtight bags of which the air is sucked out. And sealed with the help of machines and equipment. The manufacturers who sell packaged food products are always looking for equipment that can help in the huge production line of their food products and also at the same time maintain the food safety standards. Vacuum packaging can be used to package a variety of food items such as cereals, nuts, coffee, fish, chips, crisps, cheese, cured meats, etc.

Packaged food product tends to be sealed by sucking the oxygen out of it. However, since the food is now in an environment without oxygen, certain bacteria can grow inside it, increasing the potential risks of spoiling the food items; which can lead to food safety issues. Bacteria of such kinds can produce harmful toxins that might cause food poisoning. The bacteria can be commonly found in the environments in the form of spores and by removing the air from the food item packaging spores grow and multiply. Having controls in the vacuum sealed packaged food line can come off as a great help. Having controls can help not only increase the shelf life of the vacuum packaged food items but also minimizes the risk of the bacteria that might have grown without the controls.

Mteck Corp. has been serving the packaged food industry for many years now. We are a renowned name in the field of machinery specially designed by our team of professionals to give you the best quality food packaging, maintain the safety standards simultaneously. Our team of professionals has designed and built machines that give you sanitary packaging every time at affordable rates. Our specially designed Controlled Vacuum Packaging machine is made out of 100% stainless steel, which meets all kinds of safety standards.

With the help of the Controlled Vacuum Packaging machine, the food items you pack will meet all levels of safety and will increase the shelf life of your food item, no matter you package dairy products, chips, and crisps or dry fruits and nuts; the controlled vacuum packaging has standards that will deliver the best results to you in the field of packaged food.

By using Controlled Vacuum Packaging machine, you get the following benefits:
The controlled vacuum packaging machine flushes out all gasses that can give rise to potential bacteria formation.

  • The machine tends to push in certain gasses that are specially meant for meats and dairy.
  • The advanced technology of the controlled vacuum packaging machine removes all the harmful toxins from the environment of the packaged food that might degrade the food item.
  • With the help of the controlled Vacuum Packaging machine, you can say goodbye to chemicals that will be needed to preserve your food items.
  • Controlled vacuum packaging also gives you the benefit of an efficient production line.
  • Hundreds and thousands of packets can be sealed in an hour, as per your needs.

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