Are you looking for foundries in Ohio? Avon Lake, specifically?

Before you go any further, there are some things you should know about choosing a foundry—and what Avon Lake, Ohio, in particular, has to offer you.

Recognize Your Most Important Deciding Factors

If you have an idea of what your project is going to be, you can start considering the core criteria you’ll use to finalize your decision. For example, you might consider things like:

  • Budget. Obviously, your project will need to remain squarely within the monetary parameters set for you. Beyond that, you may want to shop around for the lowest price.
  • Speed of delivery. If you’re working with a tight timeframe, you’ll need to find a foundry that can accommodate a quickly approaching deadline.
  • Convenience. If you’re busy, you may also want to consider a convenient foundry—such as one nearby, so you can pick up the components or receive them faster.
  • Quality. You may prioritize the quality of work over other factors, demanding precision over speed or cost.
  • Service. Finally, you may want to prioritize service, ensuring you work with people who care about their finished products and will stand by their work.

Know the Capabilities of Your Chosen Foundry

You’ll also need to know what the capabilities of your chosen foundry are, since not all foundries are going to offer the same services. Alumalloy, for example, offers the following:

  • Permanent mold. Permanent molding relies on static pouring, self-contained operating devices and halt tilt pour casters. We currently support castings between 1 and 200 pounds, and offer 8 different alloys.
  • Sand molding. Sand molding is highly energy efficient, and one of the most inexpensive forms of casting.
  • Low-pressure casting. Low pressure casting is ideal if you need a consistent, strong fill; components made with low pressure casting tend to be more reliable than others.
  • No-bake sand casting. No-bake sand casting relies on liquid resin to accelerate the process, producing a smoother finish than traditional sand casting.
  • Core making. At Alumalloy, we also make our own molds, giving us full control of our sand casting and permanent mold processes.
  • Finishing services. In addition to all our core foundry services, we offer a variety of finishing services for our customers, including machining, inspection, in-house heat treating, deburring and cleaning, assembly, and leak and pressure testing.

Understand the Advantages of Foundries in Ohio (Avon Lake)

So why would you choose a foundry in Avon Lake?

  • Proximity. If you’re also in Avon Lake, you’ll benefit from the proximity; you can tour the foundry, and ensure you get your components shipped to you as quickly as possible.
  • Price. Foundries in Avon Lake tend to offer highly competitive prices, especially when compared with foundries on the coast.
  • Commitment to service. Avon Lake foundries are also committed to giving you the best possible all-around customer service.

If you’re ready to get started with a quote from Alumalloy, contact us today! We’re standing by with all the information you need to make a logical decision for your project.

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