A backed-up bath tub can send shivers down the spines of homeowners. The ghastly sight of dirty water filling up your bathtub can be quite unsettling. If you neglect the issue, your bathtub can soon overflow and cause permanent damage to your property. It is important to find what is causing the blockage to fix it. Many people panic when their bathtub backs up and have no idea what to do. Apart from calling a plumbing or drain cleaning service, understanding how your drain system works can help.

It is important to understand how the whole system works and why the drain backs up into the bathtub. So, let’s take a closer look at the architecture of your drain system.

How does the plumbing drains in your home, work?

Well, the plumbing drains in your home consists of a network of pipes. This network branches out like a tree and connects all the drains in your house to the main septic tank. Each sink, bathtub, the toilet is attached to this network and so is any other outlet in your house. The whole system can be visualized as a tree with the plumbing pipes representing the branches. The bigger your house, the more branches of plumbing system will have.

Now, any of these branches can have a clog or a blockage at any place throughout the length of the pipe. However, most of the clogs occur right below the drain of the sink, toilet or bathtub. Usually, a clog in this area causes the particular fixture to block. For example, if your kitchen sink has a clog, the sink won’t be able to work, but the rest of the fixtures will have no problems.

Such localized clogs are easy to clear. Your plumber can clear them out with a drain snake or a hydro jet without a problem. These clogs usually don’t cause water to back up in your bath tub.

What causes water to back up in the bathtub?

Water backing up in the bathtub is usually an indication of a clog further down the plumbing drain. Such a block often occurs in the secondary plumbing drain. If such a block is present, flushing your toilet can back up into your bath tub.

Let me elaborate. All the fixtures in a bathroom including the sink, toilet, and bathtub are connected to the same secondary drain. If there is a block in this secondary drain, the water you flush will end up in the bathtub.

The bathtub has a base that is lower than that of a toilet or a sink. So, if the secondary drain is clogged, the bathtub is the first to back up. Water from the toilet is not able to go down the secondary drain and instead fills up the bathtub drain. If the tub drain gets clogged as well, you will eventually see water backing up in your toilet as well.

If you see that multiple fixtures are backing up, the problem can be further down, and there may be a clog in your main plumbing drain.

What to do if your bathtub is backing up?

Fixing a backing up tub is important. Wastewater backing up in your bathtub is an indication of a deeper clog that needs professional intervention. Hiring a professional plumbing service is your best choice to fix backed up a tub.

It is important that you call professionals as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. Plumbers use specialized equipment to get rid of even the deeper clogs with ease. If you have a bathtub that is backing up, call us for a professional drain cleaning today! Our highly experienced professionals will get rid of the clog in no time and get your fixtures working in no time.

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