Professional wedding photography is a beautiful and fun profession with many perks and benefits, and there are so many beginners dreaming of doing this. Millions of people are getting married every year and they will continue to do so until the end of time. Brides are spending incredible amounts of money on their weddings, so this can be a profitable business on the long term. In this article we’ll take a look at 7 easy steps to become a professional wedding photographer:

     1. Get a Good Camera

Even though good photos can be made with a decent camera or even a high end smartphone, brides do pay a lot of attention to the gear that you are using. So a good camera will not only make better photos, but will also make you look more professional. You can find quite good cameras for under $1,000 so you don’t need to break the bank.

      2. Create a Portfolio

Start by going to the weddings of friends and relatives and ask them to allow you to take photos. This way you will also get to see a professional wedding photographer doing their work, setting up the scenes, etc. and be able to learn from them. If you happen to have a friend that is a pro, try to convince him / her to allow you to join them at weddings, to learn from them and be a second shooter.

     3. Create a Website and Advertise

After you have a bit of a portfolio, it’s time to setup a website and to advertise your services. Start with lower prices in order to attract more clients. Even though you won’t make too much money, you will be able to practice, to add more photos to your portfolio and to gain experience and knowledge.

      4. Educate Yourself and Get Better

Keep on going to weddings in order to gain real life experience, but also keep on learning. Read books and articles, watch YouTube videos and tutorials, attend workshops and seminars, and then practice your new acquired skills.

      5. Get Better Gear and Accessories

Once you reach a limit and feel like you are no longer progressing even though you are watching tutorials and attending workshops, then it’s time to upgrade your gear. Get a better camera, as well as all the other needed accessories.

    6. Submit Your Work To Magazines and Blogs

This is a good way to advertise your work for free. The better your photos, the bigger the chances to get featured. And if you do, you will attract more customers and make more money.

     7. Never Give Up

While these 7 easy steps to become a professional wedding photographer might sound like a walk in the park, the process is long and tedious, and takes a lot of time and patience. Yes, you will have a lot of bad days and you will have to deal with annoying situations and drunk people. But if this is your dream and you really want to become a professional wedding photographer, then you will have to keep on going and never give up.

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