Modern medicine often tries to treat the symptoms of an illness instead of their root causes. Doctors make a diagnosis and give treatments to reduce symptoms without investigating further. This approach to healing may be okay for some conditions, but in others, it does nothing but prolong the illness.

Contact Reflex Analysis

Contact reflex analysis (CRA) is different. CRA does not try to give a medical diagnosis. Instead, it tests to find parts of the body that are not working correctly. Health practitioners can then use the results to fix the underlying issues and restore their patient to full health.

Energetic Systems of the Body

Miles of nerves connect your entire body. These nerves connect to every gland, organ, and muscle you have. Nerves send signals using electrochemical energy. These signals move through your nerves and travel between your brain and the rest of your body, thus creating a constant flow of information.

Occasionally, blockages form, or the system becomes overcharged in a particular area. When this happens, your brain may be unable to get the information it needs to monitor and maintain control over your body. This loss of information can lead to systems breaking down or harming other parts of the body.

A number of issues can create blockages. They can form due to a pinched nerve or a nutritional deficiency. They can also occur due to an organ or gland working incorrectly. Contact reflex analysis testing surfaces these issues so that health practitioners can create a plan to address them.

Contact Reflex Analysis Testing

A practitioner uses contact reflex analysis to find out where blockages or deficiencies might exist. The test consists of touching various pressure points and pushing down on the patient’s arm to make sure the energy is flowing through the nerves correctly.

When energy is flowing correctly through the nervous system into the patient’s arm, he can resist the push fairly easily. Otherwise, the arm bends or collapses against the pressure.

Why it Works

CRA testing builds on the idea that touching these pressure points activates a circuit in the body. Each point corresponds to a different pathway. Moving from one point to another gives the practitioner a full view of the circuitry throughout the entire body.

An easy comparison is the electricity that flows through your house. The loops and paths of wires in your house carry electricity to various outlets. Each path goes through a circuit breaker. These breakers are the pressure points, and health practitioners use these to test for energy flow.

How Is the Information Used?

After testing, your health practitioner decides the best treatment plan to restore your body to full function. This could include adjustments, stretches, or nutritional changes.

Contact reflex analysis is easy to perform and is non-invasive. It provides a complete picture of the body, its current level of fitness, and its internal issues. Testing takes a relatively short amount of time, and it produces immediate results, which practitioners can then act on during the same session.

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